Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby shower

Such cute baby boy stuff!
Super cute Griggs ladies

Jessica and her sweet baby girl
My girls:)

So after we moved to St. George we went up to salt lake to visit my family and have my baby shower. I had a ton of fun seeing all my girls:) I love when we all get together it's a blast. A big special thanks to My aunt she did an amazing job putting my entire shower together she is the best.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The last few months


Awards night
Our fun beach day with the Laws and Hacketts

The beautiful Grand Wilea Resort

Louis Did so fantastic at work in 2010 that the company sent us to Hawaii in Feb. We had tons of fun with some of our other work friends and loved seeing the Laws and Hacketts. I'm so so happy that we were able to go with me being almost 35 weeks pregnant. It was so nice to just relax and have fun together on our last trip before our little one arrives.

Louis and I decided with our little boy on the way the best place for us to be is closer to family. So we decided to move to beautiful St. george Utah. So a few days after we got home from Hawaii we were all loaded up and on our way. Thanks to Karen and Larry (louis's sister and her hubby) we have had a nice place to stay while house hunting. We also found an amazing new Doctor thanks to both of louis's sisters:) Louis has started working in the St. george office, I know he will be successful at anything he does and especially here.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Little boy is growing!

(29 weeks and counting!)

I still can't believe that in 11 weeks we are going to be PARENTS it's so crazy how time flies. Our little boy is as active as ever, some days I feel like he never stops moving! I'm to the point that we can see him moving by just looking at my belly. It's so crazy for me to think that every pregnant women and couple goes through what we have been going through, it's so much fun! In the beginning I really didn't want to have any more kids due to me being so so sick. The last few months have changed entirely. I love being pregnant and knowing that our little boy is growing inside me and soon we will be able to meet him for the first time:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our little getaway

Louis finally got 2 days off in a row! So I decided to book our condo in San Francisco. We ate dinner on the roof top of Macy's at cheesecake factory it was so Beautiful to be able to see all the Christmas lights and the city. My brother and sister came and met up with us the next morning to go to Alcatraz and have lunch at fisherman's wharf. We love going on vacations the more we can get away the better. It's so crazy to think that in just a few short months we will have our little one here to vacation with us:)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


At our 18 week baby appointment we thought we would be finding out the sex of the baby, only to find out we had to wait two more weeks. We had the hardest time waiting to find out. We would have been happy either way girl or boy. So it looks like Louis will have a team mate to tickle and play jokes on me with:) My brother Sam has been staying with us so he was able to be in the room with us when we found out. It was really cool to be able to see so much on the ultrasound. We saw the four chambers of his heart, his kidneys, hands, feet, spine, his profile, cute little butt and a ton more.

Baby Jensen

On Sunday July 25th Louis and I found out that we are going to be parents! We have wanted a little one to join our family for some time, so as you can imagine we so overwhelmed with happiness when we found out.
This is a picture of our first ultrasound when our baby was only 10 in a half weeks old. We found the most amazing baby Doctor in Sacramento. He is super funny and really nice. At our first appointment he called our little one a "peanut" lol. Judging by my dates the baby would have a due date of March 24th 2011. Judging by the first ultrasound our Due date is March 22nd 2011.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alex's Birthday

I still can't believe he is already 2! He is so sweet everyone just loves being around him. My mom and the boys planned a summer vacation out to California to visit everyone. There vacation was just in time for Alex's second birthday party. Once my older brother Ben found out they were all coming out he set his mind to joining everyone. Ben and his new girl friend drove all the way from Oceanside (7+ hours) just to see everyone for the weekend. So that was it we were all together for the first time in years. There truly is nothing better than being with the one's you love and spending as much time doing it as possible. After everyone spent time at Marylee's for a week or so they all came to my house to see the area I lived in and the things that we like to do. We went to Big Tree's, Iron stone, the park to find gold in the river, Mercer cavern, jeeping and shooting guns. It made me feel very special to have them come out of there way to visit with Louis and I. Thank You and I love you ALL!!!!